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V-steaming Herbs

Personally blended Herbal Formula 100g (up to 10 uses).

Please fill out this form ( ) for the correct blend to be sent to you.
For postpartum steaming -

The packs available: cleansing herbs, cooling herbs, disinfecting herbs, herbs for short cycles, herbs for absent periods.

All packs include v-steam instructions.
Postage is included.

Herbal Support Subscription

per month
Monthly supply for V-Steaming Herbs and unlimited email support

1 x 30min telephone consultation on registration

- 60g V-steaming herbs (up to 6 uses, suitable for weekly steams and before/after bleeds).
- unlimited email support
- 20% discount on all services

All herbs include instructions.
Postage is included

Gift Voucher

Valid towards any treatments